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    Bridge Control Panel

      Hallo everyone,


      I am new at Cypress.
      I use Cypress CY8C4014LQI-421 to programm CapSense.

      can anyone tell me clearly, how can I connect the MiniProg3 with the Softwaretool Bridge Control Panel?
      And what settings I use there to see the signalwave of Capsense?




      Thank you

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          You cannot use capsense tuning and debugging at same time, so first set the debug select to GPIO.
          Put an EzI2C component on your topdesignm use the port3 pins for I/O


          Select the tuning method for Capsense as manual with run-time tuning and enter the name of your EzI2C component into the tune-helper field.


          Modify your program to use the tune helper


          connect 4 pins (your chip does not have an XYRES) of the MiniProg3 accordingly (VCC, GND, sda, scl)


          Configure MiniProg for Power Cycle and supply power from Miniprog. Do not use an external power source




          That should work.





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            Hi Bob,


            thank you.


            I have tried it, but I still have problem when I click Start on the CapSense CSD Tuner. I get the message: Read operation failed! Check I2C bus connection.


            I have connected all Pins correctly and I have added the function CyGlobalIntEnable;  CapSense_CSD_TunerStart();


            while (1) {








            how should I do to solve this problem?

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              Can you post your complete project, so that we all can have a look at all of your settings? To do so, use
              Creator->File->Create Workspace Bundle (minimal)
              and attach the resulting file.





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                When I checked your project I found


                You did not disable debugging


                I2C pins are not on port3, read my first reply and check all the advices.





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                  So first how can I set the debug select to GPIO?


                  As I have created a new project, the debug is already selected to GPIO P3[1] and P3[0].


                  How can I replace the debug to other GPIO?




                  On datasheet Y8C4014LQI-421 the I/O Pin P1.2 is for I2C-Clock and Pin P1.3 for I2C-Data. So actually I2C-Pin can be placed on port1.




                  What do you mean with disable debugging?


                  Should I disable debugging? how?




                  Thank you so much for your explanation.

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                    In .cydwr view select "System" tab, then set under "Debug Select" to "GPIO". This disable debugging.


                    Yes, you are right, the port1 pins could be used for I2C, but your miniprog is already connected to the port3 pins when programming is done.





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                      Hi Bob, thank you so much for your response.


                      I have done what you explained. But the problem now is the signal can not be detected. I get the message: Validation repot (see screeshot)


                      What settings should I change?



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                        So you are now running the tuner successfully.


                        The fixups for you are listed. I would check each of them. Because no signal is shown on the diagram I question if the sensor works at all. Check the capacitance of the Cmod, check Cmod and sensor pins for resistive shortcuts.





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                          The sensor works.


                          I have increased the sense and modulator clock divider to 8.


                          I have increased the resolution to 16bits.


                          I have reduced the scan speed to 100kbps.  But no signal come out  :(


                          I have tried to see the signal with bridge control panel.


                          do you know, what commands should I write on the window ??




                          Thank you

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                            I am out of my wits. Suggesting you to create a support case (at top of this page "Design Support") to get in contact with Cypress directly .





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                              ok thank you so much.


                              May God bless you :D