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      Hello, I want to use the EZ BLE module as a pass thru of RS-232 data to phone app.


      I was able to do it using a different vendor's module without the need of programming, just pulling some pins to ground and some to VCC. I think it already had a software stack running in it.


      Is there such a thing using the EZ BLE module?


      If so, can anybody provide specific document or information?





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          BLE is not about doing a continuous stream of data. Its more of a publish-subscribe (or event-based) mechanism, because this is much more power-efficient. The module you used was not a BLE module, but a conventional Bluetooth module.


          That said, in the 100 BLE projects list there is an example that simulates a serial port of BLE.

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            Hello Hli, you are correct. I used a conventional Bluetooth module before. 


            I installed the project you suggested and I am able to send data from the phone app CySmart to PC, but not the other way around.


            I installed a third party Hyperterminal type of app, but was not even able to pair.


            Any thoughts on these issues?



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              This sample project assumed that you program both sides of the connection. In the example I think this was the BLE module and the CySmart dongle. If you want to use some else on your PC side, then it needs to be programmed accordingly (the serial-over-BLE profile is custom and not a standard one).