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    Fastest Large Continuous data OTA transmission solution



      I am a newbie, working on optical flow sensors' data BLE transmission.


      Since the purpose is to transmit pixels data as fast as possible, could anyone suggest a possible solution (an appropriate data sending command, with some information about the largest bytes that could be sent in one command)?


      Right now I can get CapSense Slider finger position data through my own "SenSmart" in Qt, but the command used in the CapSense Slider, CyBle_GattsNotification(connectionHandle,&rgbLednotificationHandle);  to send data as part of attribute notification, may not be the best solution I want; besides, I couldn't find out the maximum data I can transmit in one command.


      Could anyone tell me the limit of data transmitted in this command? And if possible, which command I should use to do the fastest large data transmission?


      Thank you!