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    The problem about fx3 recognition

       I have made a fx3 PCB.when I download a program by USB2.0 interface, The computer can recognize the board.


       But when I download by USB3.0 interface, the Control Center show "programed successfully", but the Control Center can not recognize the board any more.I think maybe the driver causes the problem. But I can not find any device like the board in my device manager and the computer has been install intel USB3.0 driver. 


       Who ever have met the problem,I think I need some help.


      Best Regards.



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          Did you load any of our example firmware and face the same problem? Does your board meet all the schematics and layout guidelines prescribed in An70707 Application note?


          Please provide your schematics and layout files to Cypress Tech Support for review, by creating a Tech Support Case.




          - Madhu Sudhan