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    Significance of the Cypress QDIDs


      On this page there are a number of Bluetooth SIG QDIDs listed:




      But I am confused about the significance of these. It has been said that using a module (which we are not) eliminates the need for Bluetooth SIG qualification. But these QDIDs refer to an IC solution not a module.


      For example there is an "End Product" QDID listed. What End Product is this? Surely an IC cant be an end product?


      Also an RF-PHY component, but what RF section does this apply to? There are different RF sections used on both the BLE reference designs and the evaluation boards, and none of them match either the datasheet or the Antenna Design app note. 


      What benefit, if any, do these listed QDIDs have when qualifying a product which is not module-based? Do they mean fewer tests need to be performed?