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    How to assign INput key




      I want to know how to assign ,port pin as input pin


      I know about assigning as output ,


      for this in pin out section ,i am renaming the port pin which i wanted to make as output ,then make it drive strong


      and in program file i can do below code for using it


      #define      RL1_Off      RL1_Data_ADDR &= ~RL1_MASK   ,for making port pin low


      #define      RL1_On      RL1_Data_ADDR |= RL1_MASK         ,for making port pin high




      in the same way i want to make port pin as input pin ,for this make it drive High Z ,i have read making port pin High Z it can be used as input


      but at code side how to access it ,or check with the port pin name assigned by us  whether it is high or low


      I am using PSoc5.4 design and cy8c22545