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    PSOC 5LP and Creator 3.3CP1. USBFS_vnd template bug?




      I am trying to avoid adding custom code in the #START VENDOR_SPECIFIC_CODE blocks to simplify Git version control management. The particular problem I've run into is that the USBFS_vnd.c template  has a small bug in it. In

      path\to\PSoC Creator\3.3\PSoC Creator\psoc\content\CyComponentLibrary\CyComponentLibrary.cylib\USBFS_v2_80\API\USBFS_vnd.c



      There is this block of code:

      uint8 `$INSTANCE_NAME`_HandleVendorRqst(void) `=ReentrantKeil($INSTANCE_NAME . "_HandleVendorRqst")` {     uint8 requestHandled = `$INSTANCE_NAME`_FALSE;   #ifdef `$INSTANCE_NAME`_HANDLE_VENDOR_RQST_CALLBACK         `$INSTANCE_NAME`_HandleVendorRqst_Callback();     #endif /* `$INSTANCE_NAME`_HANDLE_VENDOR_RQST_CALLBACK */      return(requestHandled); }

      By defining the USBFS_1_HANDLE_VENDOR_RQST_CALLBACK macro the relevant HandleVendorRqst_Callback() gets called.


      But the return value from the callback is never assigned to the




      local. I'd consider this a bug.  Any thoughts from the panel? If so how should I report this?