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      Where can I find the CY8C5888LTI-LP097 datasheet.?


      All the links I found only directs to the family datasheet, but not to the specific one. Even the Cypress's CY8C5888LTI-LP097 page, the datasheet icon point to the same page.





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          What data are you looking for? The family data sheet for the CY8C58LP family should have everything you needs - pinouts, package drawings, electrical properties.

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            In my design I use an FF counter, I need to connect to an external clock. With PSOC Creator ...error can only connect to internal bus. clocks...With UDB timer no problem.


            I use and FF counter for speed 80Mhz max vs 29Mhz for a 24 bit UDB.


            In the family data sheet, only half page for timers,.."The Timer/Counter/PWM peripheral can select from multiple
            clock sources, with input and output signals connected through
            the DSI routing. DSI routing allows input and output connections
            to any device pin and any internal digital signal
            through the DSI".


            So I need a very detailed description of the timers.

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              If you want to kn ow something abpout a specific component, look at the data sheet for that component. Also, look at the architecture TRM (technical reference manual) which explains the inner workings in great detail.


              In your case, the counter DS already says: "Clock input: Limited to digital clocks in the clock system". The text in the family DS is a little bit misleading, because it seems to allow clock sources from any pin. But in fact the FF timer needs a clock source, which must exist, and only all the other input connections can be routed to any pin. Clock signal are something special in the PSoC, so not any signal can be used as a clock (in the family DS, look at the chapter 'clock distribution').

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                Thanks hli,


                In PSOC CREATOR I,ve found in components/utilities/Basic Counter. With these component, at least, compiles with no error with an external input. I've not tested more.


                Sorry for my english.. Is adequate call it a "counter" when it can only count clocks???. Would not be more precise call it a Timer??

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                  The counter has got two inputs: a clock and a "Count" input. The clock is used to determine and sync the count input. So the name "Counter" is appropriate for this component. The timer configuration has got some reload automatic which a counter does not have.





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                    Well, it counts pulses, and you can ask it for the current count. That qualifies for being called 'a counter' IMHO. But as you have seen, there are different implementations for different needs, and you can use the one that fits you best (there is also a UDB counter which is the most versatile),