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    BCM20732S using the SPIFFY2 as the communications interface to an external Microcontroller in slave mode



      I have a customer that would like to use the BCM20732S as a slave BLE module with a much larger external processor handling other tasks as part of a larger system design. In this case the BCM20732S is one of many slave peripherals in the system. Due to a lack of serial communications ports on the main processor they would like to use SPI as the main communications path to send and receive BLE data, with the BCM20732S handling the Profile & data packet connectivity.


      Its not clear from the documentation whether the SPIFFY2 is bootable into this mode without the module having been pre-programmed with firmware written by the customer, so please can you elaborate?


      They would prefer that the 'customer specific' firmware is loaded when the module is ordered, since the design wouldn't allow for any access to the UART via their host processor (not enough spare UARTs). On-board programming during production would simply take too long to manufacture high volumes (if the only other method was to programme the module from a PCB header using the UART or JTAG to make the SPI port the default communications port on Power-Up).