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    Output Pin as Reset, not functional



      I am a newbie working on PSoC.


      Something weird happened when I try to run PSoC 4 BLE to control a sensor. The reset pin needs to be as low as ground ordinarily, and goes up and down to send falling edge as RESET signal.I used digital output pin with Strong Drive mode to do this reset job on PSoC 4 pioneer KIT, and it works very well;


      However, when I tried to use the exact same codes on PSoC 4 BLE KIT, the reset pin is not able to be as low as ground ( not 0 ).


      Only High Impedance Digital/Analog mode could be written "0"; however, under those two High Impedance mode, the falling edge control does not work.


      Could anyone tell me what can I do with the weird PSoC 4 BLE KIT?


      Thank you!