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    Proximity Sensor not detecting active.

      I started with the Low Power CapSense project with tuning. I have a custom CapSense board that I'm trying to run with the two wakeup modes in that project. If there is no touch, put the micro into deep sleep, wake up every ~100 ms to scan the prox sensor, if you get a touch wake up ,scan every ~30ms to update the touch positions. The problem is the board doesn't seem to wake up with the prox. sensor. 

      It depends on this function,             proximityState = CapSense_CheckIsWidgetActive(CapSense_PROXIMITYSENSOR0__PROX);


      returning a 1 when it sees a touch, but this is always 0.


      Any ideas? I'm wondering if I set up the Proximity Sensor right in the configuration.