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    CY7C65642 enumerates and then goes into suspend mode


      I am helping debug a custom design that has 3 CY7C65642 on it.  There is one that is connected to the host, and then the other two are downstream from the top one.  This is a self-powered unit with the reset pin being driven off of the USB power.


      My problem is that when I turn on the board, I can see the board enumerating properly on my Windows laptop and it reports the proper VID/PID (I am not using any EEPROM).  But then nothing happens (and GANG LED goes dark).


      While probing the crystal feeding the main hub, I see it come up for about 500ms, and then go to ground.  This, along with the above, leads me to believe that the system is going into a suspend mode, but I don't know why.  The device continues to be enumerated in windows, so for some reason windows hasn't felt the need to disconnect it.


      Any thoughts?  I've spent a couple of days on it and am at a loss at this point....