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    Glucose Profile and LightBlue app

      So with the Glucose Profile I am trying to do a simple read of measurement data …


      It seems that before ANY RACP calls can be made you have setup the Client Config for to allow measurement, context etc


      So in LightBlue I first start a notify on the 0x2A18 characteristic (ie, measurement), then 0x2A34 (ie, context)

      Then on RACP 0x2A52 I write a HEX 0x04 then app asks to be paired  and it does not error so I assume it paired


      Then I send it a HEX 0x01 and I do see the blebgm_IndicationConf being called but I don’t know where the measurement data should appear on the LightBlue app?


      I have already successfully connected the BLE & Meter UARTS and am communicating between them just not sure how to get that glucose data over the Central side of things … my guess is it should be really simple … and should just work

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          Adding to original post ...


          Just after last notify I do send an Indication over RACP before I send off the 0x04 & 0x01


          Seems like the hex value received from the app is 0x06000103 ... I think it is coming from blebgm_racpStatusIndication


          But I see blebgm_racpStatusIndication is being called from the blebgm_handleRACPStates function and indicates there is some sort of error in code


          if(blebgm_checkClientConfigBeforeRACP() | BLEBGM_CCC_RACP)


             blebgm_racpStatusIndication( db_pdu.pdu[0], blebgm_racpPktFormatStatus);


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            I think the key to getting the LightBlue app is knowing that one must send the HEX value together ...


            I was doing it separately ...


            So when I tried "04 01" then I received "0x05006400" which I believe is the correct response of "100" records


            Now just need to figure out how dump the glucose readings back to the app ... I hope it's similar


            Just need to figure out where all the OpCodes are listed