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    Peripheral configuration at the powered down domains



      Our board, after power on has VIO1-VIO3 domains turned off. What about peripheral configuration at this domains? In most cases it returns without errors, but in which state this peripheral will be after power up?


      Mostly interesting for the GPIO. We use GPIO[57] at the domain VIO4 to turn on all other blocks (commutate power driver). To operate with GPIO we must configure it and configure pins. Pins configuration for the powered down domains (GPIO[27] for example) passes without error. Is it configuration will be valid after power up?


      Or Should I do next steps:


      1. Init GPIO


      2. Configure only POWER pin


      3. Enable POWER


      4. Wait


      5. Configure other pins and other peripheral




      PS also with powered down domains VIO1-VIO3 chips detects as CYPART_WB0263, is it correct?