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    EmFile component write speed causing gapping data


      Hi all,




      I've somewhat successfully integrated the emfile component into my project and exported my data to my SD card.  I am currently not meeting my time constraints and I am receiving gapping data on the sd card because of the lengthy writes.




      I have 3x44kB arrays I need transferred ever second, after sending that through sprintf() with commas and whatnot that turns into around 250kB+ per second.. is this possible?  I would assume it is but I cannot make it work with the emfile component.   Am I missing something?




      I did come across other libraries that claim to have better read/write times it seems (here: https://code.google.com/p/psoc3-5-sdcard-library/ ), but I would rather not go to the trouble of all that if the emfile could be modified/adjusted in a way to make it work.  Even those still sound slow compared to modern SD r/w speeds.  I am using a class 10 micro which is capable of up to 10MB/s




      thanks in advance,