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    PSoC4 BLE MPU6050 Timing/Speed Issue


      Hi -


      I am seriously stuck on an issue and would be extremely appreciative of assistance. I realize this is more of an MPU question but this forum seems to be more active than the device specific ones:).


      The project (attached) takes raw values from the gyro/accel puts them through a Madgwick filter and then through a circular buffer. All works well except for one issue - the values in the buffer are accurate only if I have a delay in the project (see lines 258-264). Without the delay, the values in the buffer are obviously bad and I'm not sure what is going on. I have tried speeding up the MPU6050 - has a setting for 8kHz output (vs the default of 1 kHz) by disabling the digital low pass filter (DLPF); however, the changes don't seem to be recognized. 


      Thanks in advance!




      PS - The project also transfers the buffer/arrays of data via BLE to an iPhone (need to take out the printing of the circular buffer though for this to work) - this is working reasonably well and I'm attaching the related Xcode project in the event it might help someone else who may come along.