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    Bridge Control Panel vs Multichart

      I am making updates to an older hardware design that uses a CY8C24894 with a UART output. We have 39 total capacitive sensors connected. When you consider the raw value, baseline, and signal for each that comes out to a minimum of 117 different variables we are tracking. For diagnostics, we have a build that will output all 117 variables to the older Multichart program over UART/RS-232 which works great.


      When I tried to get the same Cypress software setup with Bridge Control Panel (uses the same packet format), I seem to run into a limit of 32 variables. I have attached my current configuration files to get the first 32 raw values, but I am far short of the full data.


      Can Bridge Control Panel handle this much information? Are there any advantages of using Bridge Control Panel over Multichart?

      I have always wanted a tool that could show signal values as a bar graph in the X/Y plane with a coordinate overlay (similar to ITO debugger which works for I2C devices).


      Thanks in advance,

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          Hello Jason,


          There is no limitation in the Bridge Control Panel. Make sure that you send all the data. In your iic file I see that you send only the rawcount of all the sensors. Also the settings in the BCP should be corresponding to your project.  The difference between the BCP and Multichart is that BCP is more flexible while multichart has fixed functionality.





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            Hi Yuva,

            Thanks for the response. The files I attached represented the largest amount of data I could collect from my system. Here is the full string I believe I need in my *.iic file to parse my input:

            RX8 [H = 0D 0A] @1rc0 @0rc0 @1rc1 @0rc1 @1rc2 @0rc2 @1rc3 @0rc3 @1rc4 @0rc4 @1rc5 @0rc5 @1rc6 @0rc6 @1rc7 @0rc7 @1rc8 @0rc8 @1rc9 @0rc9 @1rc10 @0rc10 @1rc11 @0rc11 @1rc12 @0rc12 @1rc13 @0rc13 @1rc14 @0rc14 @1rc15 @0rc15 @1rc16 @0rc16 @1rc17 @0rc17 @1rc18 @0rc18 @1rc19 @0rc19 @1rc20 @0rc20 @1rc21 @0rc21 @1rc22 @0rc22 @1rc23 @0rc23 @1rc24 @0rc24 @1rc25 @0rc25 @1rc26 @0rc26 @1rc27 @0rc27 @1rc28 @0rc28 @1rc29 @0rc29 @1rc30 @0rc30 @1rc31 @0rc31 @1rc32 @0rc32 @1rc33 @0rc33 @1rc34 @0rc34 @1rc35 @0rc35 @1rc36 @0rc36 @1rc37 @0rc37 @1rc38 @0rc38 @1bl0 @0bl0 @1bl1 @0bl1 @1bl2 @0bl2 @1bl3 @0bl3 @1bl4 @0bl4 @1bl5 @0bl5 @1bl6 @0bl6 @1bl7 @0bl7 @1bl8 @0bl8 @1bl9 @0bl9 @1bl10 @0bl10 @1bl11 @0bl11 @1bl12 @0bl12 @1bl13 @0bl13 @1bl14 @0bl14 @1bl15 @0bl15 @1bl16 @0bl16 @1bl17 @0bl17 @1bl18 @0bl18 @1bl19 @0bl19 @1bl20 @0bl20 @1bl21 @0bl21 @1bl22 @0bl22 @1bl23 @0bl23 @1bl24 @0bl24 @1bl25 @0bl25 @1bl26 @0bl26 @1bl27 @0bl27 @1bl28 @0bl28 @1bl29 @0bl29 @1bl30 @0bl30 @1bl31 @0bl31 @1bl32 @0bl32 @1bl33 @0bl33 @1bl34 @0bl34 @1bl35 @0bl35 @1bl36 @0bl36 @1bl37 @0bl37 @1bl38 @0bl38 @1dc0 @0dc0 @1dc1 @0dc1 @1dc2 @0dc2 @1dc3 @0dc3 @1dc4 @0dc4 @1dc5 @0dc5 @1dc6 @0dc6 @1dc7 @0dc7 @1dc8 @0dc8 @1dc9 @0dc9 @1dc10 @0dc10 @1dc11 @0dc11 @1dc12 @0dc12 @1dc13 @0dc13 @1dc14 @0dc14 @1dc15 @0dc15 @1dc16 @0dc16 @1dc17 @0dc17 @1dc18 @0dc18 @1dc19 @0dc19 @1dc20 @0dc20 @1dc21 @0dc21 @1dc22 @0dc22 @1dc23 @0dc23 @1dc24 @0dc24 @1dc25 @0dc25 @1dc26 @0dc26 @1dc27 @0dc27 @1dc28 @0dc28 @1dc29 @0dc29 @1dc30 @0dc30 @1dc31 @0dc31 @1dc32 @0dc32 @1dc33 @0dc33 @1dc34 @0dc34 @1dc35 @0dc35 @1dc36 @0dc36 @1dc37 @0dc37 @1dc38 @0dc38 [T = 00 FF FF]

            However, the GUI does not allow me to add more than the first 32 variables when I select "Insert Variable", it just replaces whatever variable I selected with the new name. I tried manually editing the *.ini file to add the variables, but the software only loads the first 32 variables listed.

            The unit I am testing is sending all of the data to Multichart correctly, so I believe my errors are just in the Bridge Control Panel setup.


            Edit: I should also mention I am using BCP 1.14.0. If a newer version supports more sensors, I may need that update.