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    PSoC Programmer can't see 5LP KitProg from -059 board

      I have a KitProg that came with an -059 board. After a firmware update, Creator and Programmer don't see the KitProg anymore.


      I've updated the KitProg firmware with the most recent KitProg.hex file using PSoC Programmer 3.24.0. That appeared to work but now Windows enumerates it as a Portable Device instead of a com port which it should be and was. It also shows up in the Universal Serial Bus Controller section as a USB Composite Device and a USB Mass Storage Device. This thing should be seen as a Com port...


      The odd thing is that if you boot it with the reset switch closed to reprogram the firmware PSoC Programmer sees it just fine and will program it successfully but it cannot see it to actually use it after updating the firmware.


      Definitely something wrong here.


      So, I'm looking for the original KitProg.hex file for -059 board  -  Not the current KitProg.hex file that is listed in the Programmer directory (of couse I already have that one and it seems to be the problem.)


      Or, is there some way to read the firmware out of the 5LP on a working KitProg board and then use it to reprogram the one that has the problem? So far, the only way I've found requires a .hex file...


      Oh, BTW I also have a KitProg attached to an -043 board and it enumerates and works just fine so I don't think it's a computer issue (and I've tried the KitProg with the problem on another PC with the same strange results).