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    How to realize large amplification using psoc1


      Hello Everyone,


      I have CY3210-PSoCEval1 in hand, and try to realize large amplification on it.(without using outer amplifier IC, for example, LMV358 and so on)


      The signal from Radar module is very week, so I have to enlarge the useful signal and eliminate other frequency noise.The parameters are the following.


      1. magnification factor is 50000(50K,about 90dB)


      2. frequency range is 5 Hz~300 Hz.




      In the PSoC Designer 5.4 software, I try to use double PGAs to realize, the function of the first PGA is ok, the second PGA is abnormal, the out signal(with large noise) is not enlarge one.


      The circuit is described as follows:


      pull up radar signal(AGND) PGA(gain 48) LPF2 + capacitor and pull up signalPGA(gain 8)




      It is a small project to detect motion using radar sensor, would you please help give me some suggestions? Thank you very much in advance.




      Best Regards,