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    PSoC 5LP DMA v1.70 API help request.

      Hi, I'm designing a 'hardware only' 3 channel DAQ system using an Analog Mux, DelSig ADC, and DMA. The ADC is hardware triggered at a 500us rate, with a channel sample rate about 20 times faster. (I'm sampling a 3PH power line). A uint16 by 3Channel by 1K circular software buffer is filled via DMA. The hardware and DMA are working just fine.


      My problem is at some asynchronous time, a hardware interrupt is generated and I need to transfer the  ADC circular software buffer to another memory location for processing. To do this I need a Head Pointer into the buffer. The PSoC 4200M has the API function 'CyDmaGetDescriptorStatus' which returns the CYDMA_TRANSFER_INDEX from the Transaction Descriptor. I need this functionality from the PSoC 5LP DMA v1.70 component.


      2nd, (less Important question) Is it possible to configure multiple linked TD's that would allow DMA to fill 3 separate uint16 by 1K circular ADC buffers, (one for each channel), so I don't have to deal with interleaved channel data in software? I have reviewed the 'DelSig_16Channel' example but it is 1-dimensional: (1 sample per channel), I need a 2-dimensional solution: ( 3ea 1K circular buffers).


      Note: the ADC circular software buffer is always full, so I don't need a Tail Pointer, and I don't want any ISR involved with the hardware ADC sampling.


      Any suggestions?




      Gary Beam