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    Multihop BLE Network

      Hi All,


      I am pretty confused about the capability of BLE to build multihop (mesh, tree) network topology. At the beginning, I thought that it is the same with the classical bluetooth. And also, I see that there are some projects in 100_Projects_in_100_Days (e.g.            Day012_Central_Peripheral) mentioning about having multiple role in a node (I have not tried them out though). I thought that can be a way to build multihop topology. However, when I googled again for some basic information about BLE, some say it's not possible to have multihop topology but some say it is possible. Can anyone please explain about this? Or maybe give me some reference about it? Or maybe, if anyone has tried out the related projects or having other experience establishing multihop network. Please give me some guidelines. I would very appreciate it. Thank you.