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    TWRK60DM100: Examples / functions not fully supported?


      Is there an SDK-2.4.1 update on features missing for the Freescale TWRK60DM100 platform?

      The following is reported in the TWRK60DM100 platform.txt file:


      List of missing features for Freescale K60 platform (for SDK-2.2.0)


      -   SDIO interface to WLAN

      -   DMA support for SPI interface to WLAN

      -   Console UART RX (interactive apps such as console, iperf aren’t working)

      -   Internal Flash driver (unable to write data to DCT. Read is okay)

      -   Platform (external peripherals) API implementation (stubs only)

      -   Platform abstraction/Pin mappings

      -   External SPI flash driver (stubs only)