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    I developed a module using cypress ble IC, need to do CE certification  test

      I developed a module using cypress BLE IC - CYBL10162, need to do the CE Certification  test in China.


      now ,I meet one problem.


      The engineer told me that i should supply him with one software tool. The tool can be installed on PC. My BLE module is connected to the PC via its UART. The function of this tool is that the tool can send command or data to the BLE module through UART, when send one command ,the 2.4G frequency of the Bluetooth can be fixed, just like 2402MHz, 2404MHz, exg..


      The BLE module can connect the Tester(network analyzer) wirelessly using Bluetooth.


      Now I want to know is there already one tool that can meet my requirements? Or, how can I develop one software tool to achieve my purpose?


      Thank you. Waiting for response online!