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    Generate Application failed


      I've been trying to get started with the Sparkfun FreeSoc2 PSoC 5LP Dev Board, but PSoC Creator returns this error when I try to run "Generate Application" in the Build Menu:


      plm.M0046:"C:\Program Files\Cypress\PSoC Creator\3.3\PSoC Creator\bin/sjplacer.exe" failed (0xC0000139)


      details from error:


      The placer is not able to place all of the carry chains without backtracking. It fills one UDB bank to 15/16 and the other to 7/8 and cannot place the final 2-datapath chain. As a workaround, add a control file to the TopDesign component (in Workspace Explorer's Components tab) with the following lines: ATTRIBUTE placement_force OF \Timer_ADPActiveTime:TimerUDB:sT16:timerdp:u0\ : LABEL IS "U(2,0)"; ATTRIBUTE placement_force OF \Timer_OutputPeriod:TimerUDB:sT24:timerdp:u0\ : LABEL IS "U(3,1)"; ATTRIBUTE placement_force OF \Timer_OutputActiveTime:TimerUDB:sT24:timerdp:u0\ : LABEL IS "U(0,1)"; This will fill the datapaths in the second UDB bank and allow the placer to assign the remaining datapaths.


      I've received this error for both a completely empty project and one that configures a digital input for a button and a digital output for an LED, going by this tutorial: https://learn.sparkfun.com/tutorials/freesoc2-introduction


      Any help is greatly appreciated!