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    PSoC Creator Manual Pin Assigment



      when developing a project in PSoC Creator, doesn't matter which one, It's common that we may have to choose the pins and ports. I know that depending on the component the PSoC Creator automatically assign a pin, for example the UART component has pre-defined Rx/Tx pins. But if I want to use a PGA, ADC, and others components, can I choose any pin that I want? Or should I only use the pins that hasn't anything pre-established (like OpAmp[1].vminus, or XTal.Xo, or any other)?

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                  Daniel, Generally speaking, yes, one can use any pins. The limitations are specific, e.g. XTAL pins have (i believe) internal opamps; opamp direct inputs have lesser resistance and parasitic capacitance, USB D+/- will (likely) work only with pre-defined pins, etc. ... you have to read the fine print. Particularly, I recommend to inspect the dev board and schematic for any existing capacitors attached to the pins - that can really affect/limit your choices. There are also preferred ports for analog routing (#1 & #3), so the answer is testing, testing and testing....   
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            Additionally there are some restrictions for PSoC4 - based chips as limited routing capabilities for ports >= 4 and the pins for the opamps.


            Some pins have dedicated functions which you lose when choosing this pin for a different purpose.





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              Ok, understood! So It may be a good practice to take a look the pin descriptions and see if It has any bypass capacitor or additional circuit or It routing capabilities.


              Thanks for the advice Bob Marlowe and odissey1!