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    PSoC Creator Automatic Pin Assignment



      This is funny, I am writing about automatic pin assignments and another developer is asking about manual pin assignments.


      In one of the videos from Cypress I thought I caught something about allowing PSoC Creator to automatically select pin assignments because it will pick the pins best suited for optimum performance.


      I do not recall the video or how to get back to it.  But even more importantly, if this is correct, how do I instruct PSoC Creator to "auto-route" the pins?


      And as the other post mentions I am not talking about specific functions but things such a LCDs, Push-Buttons, LEDs, etc.






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          The best way I know is using pins as Bus and checking the option Contigous, PSoC will try to route the pins one after other; for example one bus of output pins for 7 switches, creator will arrange pins from P1.1 to P.7  

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            Thanks for the reply.




            Guess what I just found?  I just read this in the PSoC Creator v 3.3 Release Notes :


            Guided Pin Selection
            This feature helps the user make optimal decisions when choosing physical pins in the Pins DWR editor for PSoC 4 devices. Ideal selections are highlighted in green while legal, but resource-consuming, options in yellow.




            I remember seeing this happed (the GREEN pins) also when using the DWR editor for my PSoC 5LP.