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    Need clarification on CYUSB3324-88LTXC USB  HUB

      Hi All,


      I am planning to use CYUSB3324-88LTXC as a USB HUB, As per the documents i get to know CYUSB3324-88LTXC supports ACA Dock mode by which we can able to charge the Upstream port(Tablet) and Downstream port and also continue communication with downstream port simultaneously. 


      But i have a question that


      1.will CYUSB3324-88LTXC charges the downstream ports using the power coming from upstream port (say Tablet) when the external power supplies are absent(say 3.3v,5v,1.2v).


      2.Will CYUSB3324-88LTXC supports the charging of APPLE/Samsung phones which will be connected to upstream port or we need to go for MFI interface while charging the Apple phone.


      Please support over the above doubts.