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    CY8CYKIT-059 running @ 80MHz


      Hi all, i had been trying to run the CY8CYKIT-059 (device CY8C5888LTI-LP097) at 80 MHz, found this thread about it:




      At least the above link confirm that i should be able to speed up to 80 MHz.


      Also find this page that "explain" the procedure to speed the PSoC 5LP up to 67 MHz and 79 MHz




      So i did a try and the max MCU speed i'm able to run without warnings is 62 MHz, then if in the System tab of the .cydwr file i choose a working temperature of 0 - 85°C i can go up to 64MHz.


      Attached an screenshot of the Static Timing Analysis Report where as far as i can understand i will not being able to run more than 64 MHz and the Clock Configuration i'm using.


      Are there more steps to make this works?


      Thanks in advance



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          Found the reason, silly me, i didn't read the whole PWM component datasheet, i found the explanation on:


          * DC and AC Electrical Characteristics (UDB Implementation)


          16bits PWM can run up to 43MHz, so i changed the clock of the PWM instance on the schematic and the warning goes away.