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    bootloader source code used with -e option in hex2bix.exe for FW larger than 16KB?



      Our firmware for the fx2lp is larger than 16.KB and is using external RAM.
      The FW is loaded from and I2C EEPROM. When converting to .iic file we use the -e option of the hex2bix application. Thus, a bootloader is added to the .iic file that will load the code to the external RAM. In the hex2bix application sources you can find the bootloader as a binary.
      We need to modify the bootloader to toggle one of the GPIO pins that triggers an external watchdog.


      Does anyone have the sources of the bootloader or has successfully compiled a different bootloader that could replace the current one?


      We have a thread running with Cypress Support, but it seems difficult for them to get the bootloader source.