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    PWM Square Wave of 38 kHz using Systick Timer


      Hey All


      How is everyone doing? Hope all of you are enjoying the start of the year 2016 and getting more and more fascinated with PSoC like me.


      Today I have taken a task to Generate a 38kHz square wave with PSoC4 using a SysTick Timer. I have even designed a project related to that. My design, theoretically, will give square wave of around 38.4 kHz due to clock resolution limitation of PSoC4 that is 24 MHz.  I was checking the wave on CRO. (please find attached the CRO result image.) As it gave me some triangular wave, I decreased the frequency to 100 Hz and checked again with CRO. This time I got the perfect square wave.


      I kindly request you to please find attached my project designed for 38.4 kHz and give me a solution to get a perfect square wave. In addition, if anyone of you can give me a solution to get a perfect 38 kHz square wave than the current design of 38.4 kHz, I will be very much thankful.




      Thanks and Regards