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    CAN on PSoC 4 problem

      I'm trying to make a CAN application using the CY8CKIT-044 that has 2 CAN modules, but I'm not sure if I have to use the CAN/LIN expansion board too in order to make it work.


      Does anyone know if a can run a simple example using only two CY8CKIT-044 to create a CAN network?





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          Welcome in the forum,


          Apart from the voltage levels of the CAN interface you may even use only one PSoC4-M board and shortcut the Rx-Tx pins externally.


          Programming might be easier of course when using two boards. During test-phase you may omit the CAN line drivers.





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            Thanks for the quick reply. Then I will try again using both configuration (one and two boards).


            Thanks for the help.

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              Hi again, after trying to implement the examples (CAN_FULL_P4 and CAN_BASIC_P4) on two boards  I was able to monitor the activity via UART of the BASIC example, but there is not activity on te FULL example. After using the debugging tool I noticed that the FULL example doesn't send nothing becuase it's just wating for a CAN message to do something, but the board with the BASIC example doesn't send any CAN message.


              Any ideas of what could I try?





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                Are you sure the board with BASIC CAN example is configured to use the correct pins? 8Or: how did you determine that it doesn't send anything?)

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                  Last time I checked the pins were that I was using were right. And regarding the activity on the CAN network I determine that there weren't messages because one of the two modules is configure to send a message when a message with the ID 0x001 is received. 


                  Since there is no message of the message being receive I think that there are no message being transmitted.