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    USB MIDI on PSoC 5

      I'm trying to port the PSoC3/5 MIDI example to run on the PSoC5 part of a CY8CKIT-042-BLE Pioneer Baseboard, but have problems with the USB MIDI input.


      The only thing I've done to the project is to change the part number and rearrange the IO pins to work with the new board.


      My setup is the devkit connected via USB to a PC running MIDI-OX.


      MIDI out over USB works fine (using a switch to send MIDI messages fron PSoC to PC), but I can't get the input to work. Connecting the status LEDs for input to the on-board LED doesn't have any effect (it does for output status) and setting breakpoints in the USB_ProcessMidiIn function of USB_midi.c doesn't have any effect.


      What am I missing? See attached project for what I'm running.