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    Programming sd3023

      Does sd3-CYUSB3023 supports in system programming? Does the FX-3 SDK provides full support for the CYUSB3023 mcu??

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          Yes. It does.


          Yes. FX3 SDK Supports CYUSB3023.




          - Madhu Sudhan

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            we  are designed usb sd3 based custom board. we have ported example illustrates the use of the FX3S firmware APIs to implement mass storage class device that allows access to SD/MMC devices connected to SD3 given along with SDK.


            The application partitions the storage device found on storage port into two volumes, and then enumerates them as separate logical units on the USB side
            in that example partitions  define by


            #define CY_FX_SIB_PARTITIONS (2).


            .If i have increased to 4 ,it shows 4 partitions .  Out of 4 partitions only two partitions data copying possible. If i have clicking other two partitions an message displays " please insert the disk".


            kindly suggest how to make multiple partitions and also please tell how  to control partitions size of each partitions .