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    Custom Touch screen Not able to detect as multitouch device

      Hi All,


      I have changed the descriptors to match the multi touch descriptors. I have used USB WIZARD to create the HID Joystick Example and then i have modified the descriptors on the same code to match the Multi touch descriptors. But unfortunately device is getting detected as single touch device on windows PC. Instead i have configured to be 3 touch device.


      The USB stack is made as a device .


      I analysed the enumeration process in ubslyzer, the problem i found was the device is not sending the feature descriptor to the host.


      Can any one please help me in this issue. I am using FM3 controller Fujitsu MB9AF312K.


      I am attaching the usb descriptors can any one have a look and let me know what i am doing wrong.


      I am also attaching the usblyzer capture also for reference