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    ADC Notice


      Hi to all,


      I'm reading a load cell and when I compile I que a notice:


      apr.M0002:Analog signal "\ADC:Net_35\" is connected to one terminal only.


      When opening the Notice Details it says:


      Some connection is missing in your analog design. This signal will be ignored


      Now where is that Net_35?? I can't find it!




      At the same time I'm getting a warning:


      prj.M0121: variable 'kilo' set but not used [-Wunused-but-set-vriable]


      and in the Notice Detalils it says:


      Address the error(s) specified in this message and attempt the action again.


      And if you see line 127, kilo is declared AND used (line 131)


      I'm uploading the code to see if there is something i'm missing.


      Thank to all in advanced!



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          "\ADC:Net_35\" is connected to one terminal only Probably a minor bug in the DRC (Design Rule Checker). To make sure, contact Cypress directly: At top of this page "Design Support -> Create a Support Case" and upload your project there with some comments.


          "variable 'kilo' set but not used"  This is true. You assign a value to "kilo" (you set it), but you never use the value because you commented the print-statement.





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            Hi Bob!


            Thank you for the reply.


            1) I did a MyCase some time ago but there is no answer, that's why I posted here.


            2) I do comment the "kilo" on line 40 LCD_Print(0,kilo); BUT I do use it on line 39 kilo = Weight_in_kg(tare); so why does it say i'm not using it?


            3) I'm having a new problem now and it is that the code was made for a load cell of 10 kilos. With a 10 kilo load cell I had no problem.


            When I ask at mycase that i needed to change to a 200 kilo load cell, they said that the only change i need to make is:


            131 kilo= (100*adc_miliVolts)/1000;   to   kilo= (200*adc_miliVolts)/1000;


            The code from line 134 to line 149 is the resolution so i obtain a 50 gram resolution.


            The problem is that now that i'm using that 200 kilo load cell and with or without a load on it, the lcd display has jumps of 200 grams!


            For example the display shows 0.000 Kgr at start, the at one instance it shows quickly 0.200grams then goes back to 0.000,


            if i put a load, say 100 kilos, it shows 100 kilos, then 99.600, then 100.200, then 100 and so on. It's very quick the change.


            Can it be because the opamp is routed to other pins that are not there own?


            And the other problem is that if i leave uncommented the resolution part it works OK up to 60 kilos, if i put more load, say 90 kilos, it shows 25 kilos but if i comment the resolution part it measure fine.


            All this code worked fine with a 10 kilo load cell, but changing to a 200 kilo load cell the problems began. Most of the code was change from the original at mycase.


            To get an idea of where the 200 kilo load cell goes it's for weighting 60kilo cylinders. On top of the load cell goes a weighting platform and a structure that all weight about 55 kilos, that why the "nload" code (noload) to get the tare and show zero reading on the display. So initially the is about 55/60 kilos over the 200 kilo load cell.




            Thank you very much Bob and I really need this code get to work


            Best regards!



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              2) I do comment the "kilo" on line 40 LCD_Print(0,kilo); BUT I do use it on line 39 kilo = Weight_in_kg(tare); so why does it say i'm not using it?  The complain says that you are not referring to the stored value in "kilo". The message is different from an unused variable.


              Your new problem seems to be a math problem only. Care for integer overflow, you will easily run into such a problem.


              I cannot see where you get any ADC values in your attached project.





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                Hi Bob!


                Look, the "\ADC:Net_35\" is connected to one terminal only" I did do a MyCase but had no answer so far! That's why I'm posting here.


                I do have Creator 3.3 SP1.


                I just want to know how to solve it if it can be solved.







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                  Hi Edgardo


                  some thing looks weird to me:
                  a) In line 131 you changed the range by factor 2 but you are changing from a 10kg cell to a 200kg cell which is asking for a factor 20 change.


                  b) why are you multiplying the ADC result with 200? I would have expected more something like: (ADC_Range / 200) * ADC_Value


                  All the Best

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                    Greetings franksanderdo:


                    b)That's what the guys at mycase gave me and said that what I did was wrong


                    Thank you for the reply!





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                      Refer to this thread - Creator warning: "apr.M0002:Analog signal ... is connected to one terminal only."


                      This will not cause any issues with the functionality. There is a mux before Del-Sig ADC to select between the internal and external reference. Since we are using only the internal reference, one input to the AMux will be left unconnected.


                      Hence, it shows that analog signal is connected to only one terminal.


                      This will be corrected in the future versions of the component.

                      (Not yet fixed in the latest PSoC Creator 4.1. But anyway this does not cause any issue of the project functionality. )

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                        Problem still exists in PSoC Creator  4.1 Update 1 (