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    Use the resistive touch with the Segger Emwin and Psoc5LP.

      Hi to all. I am new here. I hope someone can help me.


      I am using a 3.2" (320x240) TFT with a resistive touch and I want to manage them using the Segger emWin library.


      I have problems with the resistive  touch. I can´t get any touch feedback. I think that I am near to do it because I can see the square signal at the Xm+and Ym+ signals and also at the Xm- and Ym-  pins when I press the touch. But the emWin funtion GUI_TOUCH_GetState() doesn't give me the pressed state. I am using tha IL9341, although I know that is not supported by the library. I am using for testing.


      I am upset because I have read that the emWin license has been frozen.


      Regards Amaia