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    Is BLE Right For My Application - Serial Data Stream




      I was wondering if anyone had thoughts on using PSOC or PROC BLE in an application where I would have one device continually broadcasting data, and any number of devices listening to the same data stream.  Is this possible?  Can anyone point me to a similar application?  Can the connection be automatic, or is there any connection at all?


      The data stream is 4 - 512 bytes for lighting (sets of red, green, blue, white).  Basically there is a control panel that all of the individual lights 'listen' to.


      One other question - is there a way to ensure that if two neighbors each have a set of these lights, they will not interfere with each other?  Maybe as simple as setting an address byte by way of dip switches that is looked for as well as the data?


      I am new to BLE, any help is appreciated.


      Thank you,.