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    RTS pin in WICED UART



      I am using WICED Wifi BCM943362WCD4 eval board to interface with RS 485 through UART. I am using IC SP3485CP (Half duplex RS 485 Tranceiver) based circuit for communication between RS 485 bus and WICED board.


      I want to use the RTS pin in WICED_UART_2 to control the direction in Tranceiver (SP3485CP). But whenever I transmit bytes from UART, I cannot see any change in the voltage level of RTS pin .


      I have configured UART as shown below.


      wiced_uart_config_t uart_config_meter_tx =
        .baud_rate    = 9600,
        .data_width   = DATA_WIDTH_8BIT,
        .parity       = EVEN_PARITY,
        .stop_bits    = STOP_BITS_1,
        .flow_control = FLOW_CONTROL_RTS,
      wiced_uart_init( WICED_UART_2, &uart_config_meter_tx, &rx_buffer_one );


      I transmit bytes using the following function.


      wiced_uart_transmit_bytes( WICED_UART_2, (const char *)tx_data, 7)


      The bytes are getting successfully transmitted as seen on CRO on Tx pin of UART but RTS is not seen to toggle. (As per platform.c WICED_GPIO_11 is the RTS pin which I am monitoring)


      Any idea how to get this working or is RTS pin not connected in this board?