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    Can't write more than two bytes to I2C..?


      I'm trying to send 3 bytes of data to a DAC, MAX5217, trough I2C. But I can't seem so send more than 2 bytes before the communication stops.


      I'm doing:
                  temp = I2CM_I2CMasterWriteBuf(I2C_SLAVE_ADDRESS, (uint8 *) sample,
                                              WR_BUFFER_SIZE , I2CM_I2C_MODE_COMPLETE_XFER);


      With WR_BUFFER_SIZE set to 3,  but I only see the address + the first 2 bytes of my data with an oscilloscope. Setting the WR_BUFFER_SIZE to 1, sends 1 byte, anything above 1 sends 2 bytes.


      Any ideas?