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    Use a MiniProg3  to develope a custom USBI2C bridge application  


      Hello Everyone,


      I've been a PSOC user for years and this is my first time posting. I have a PSOC mini prog3 that I want to incorporate it in a NI CVI Lab Windows application as a custom USB to I2C bridge to some Psoc1 I2C configured controller applications that I developed. I am using the mini prog 3 as an upgrade to the Cypress CY3240-I2USB which our application was based on but now the CY3240 bridge is becoming obsolete. 


      Is there any documentation on how to do this for the mini prog3?


      In the mini prog3 user guide there is mention of a "PSoC Programmer COM guide" that addresses this type of application. But, I can't find this document anywhere nor can I find information about the PSocProgrammerCom 20.0 Type Library.


      Basically, where I am so far is in CVI Lab Windows is that I have created an CVI Instrument/Active X controller that should handle communication between between my application and the Mini Prog3 using the PSocProgrammerCom 20.0 Type Library. When creating an Active X controller with this Library CVI Lab Windows creates all the functions for the Mini Prog 3 but I can't find any documentation or any hint of what the functions do or how I need to use the functions other then the name of the function and the function declaration in the headed file. Plus when I run the functions they don't appear to be working or returning the correct data. So I am in the dark here. 


      Our application is already working with th CY3240-I2CUSB but the library created with the PSocProgrammerCom 20.0 Library for the Mini Prog 3 has different functions for USB/I2C bridging then the CY3240 instrument library and they don't appear to be compatible.


      Any help or a point to the right direction would be very much appreciated.