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    FX3 - part pinouts



      Thank you for taking the time to answer this question.


      Looking at using the CYUSB3013-BZXC part.  I think we only need the 16bit GPIF interface as the application is backward compatibly with the FX2, CY7C68013A-128 part and used the 16bit Slave FIFO Interface.  So we want to follow along that part when we migrate upto the new FX3 part.  Looking at the datasheet Table 20 shows the 5 different variants of the FX2, USB3011, USB3012, USB3013, USB3014 and USB2014.  Since we only need the 16 bit GPIF interface and we want the larger RAM I was planning on going with the USB3013 part.


      Now going through the datasheet I see the Table 7 pinout for the USB3012 and USB3014.  But there is no pinout shown for the USB3011 and USB3013.  Do I infer this pinout from the subsections in Table 7 under 32 bit Data Bus/16bit Data Bus+UART+SPI+I2S/16bit Data Bus+UART+GPIO/16bit Data Bus+SPI+GPIO/16bit Data Bus+I2S+GPIO/GPIO only ???  Not sure if I am missing a table that I need for the USB3013 device or am I just missing something altogether.  


      Note it looked like in revision L of the data sheet there was a table added for USB3011 and USB3013 pinout but then it was removed in revision Q.


      Thank you for any help you can provide.



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          The pin list is same for 3011 and 3013 parts except, GPIO[33] to GPIO[49] can be used only as ordinary GPIOs. 


          i,e GPIOs[33 to 44] cannot be used as GPIF Data lines and GPIOs[46 to 49] cannot be used as UART Lines.


          We will add this information in the next revision of the datasheet.


          Sorry for the confusion.




          - Madhu Sudhan