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    connect to multiple PSoC devices

      The project I am working on will be using several PSoC devices that interact with each other.  I am currently working on the first one but thinking about the next step.


      When I have several PSoC devices, I would like to have PSoC Creators connected to them simultaneously so that I can program and debug the interactions.   For example, if I started two instances of PSoC creator, could I "connect" one to device one and the other to device two?  Right now, I just start up PSoC Creator, plug in a device and it just works -- PSoC creator seems to automatically find the device.  Windows device manager says there is a KitProg USB-UART (Com14) from a FreeSoC2 board.


      If I plug in a second device (I currently only have one; waiting for more hardware) what should I expect to happen?  Will there be some way to select which device each instance of PSoC creator connects to?