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    Could not programm CY8CKIT-059

      Hi There,


      I couldn't program my new CY8CKIT-059 Prototyping Kit.


      The Programmer always said:

      Program Finished at 18:04:35                                      |                                                                    | Programming Terminated                                                                   | Detected JTAG ID: "2E 16 10 69" is not in database Program Requested at 18:04:35                                     |  Successfully Connected to KitProg/051C163503274400 at 18:04:15    | KitProg Version 2.14

      I'm using the recent version of PSoC Programmer 3.24.0
      In PSoC Creator 3.3 SP 1 it's the same thing.


      I've reinstalled the Programmer and the Creator a several times, without success.


      Thanks for your help.
      Regards Sven