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    Programming the HX3 ACA-Dock Demo Board to support different RID_A values

      I'm looking for support and documentation on the HX3 ACA-Dock demo board. I've been able to successfully connect the Demo Board to several phones and tablets with differing results. The basic guide that is provided here:




      mentions that the Nexus 7 enters ACA-Dock mode when a 120kOhm RID_A resistor is present. However, based on this guide; the Demo Board does not use 120kOhm as one of the test RID_A values.


      Is there any way to edit the algorithm on the PSOC4 so that different RID_A values can be simulated? I would like to verify this value for the Nexus 7, and test the same value for another tablet which is currently not entering ACA-Dock mode with the default RID_A values. The tablet in question does go into OTG mode but it will not charge in this state.