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    PSoC1 support?

      Alright, I searched and couldn't find anything about support for the CY8C28 family of chips even though the CY8CKIT came with a CY8C28 module, shown as still being part of the package and being sold separately (see http://www.cypress.com/documentation/development-kitsboards/cy8ckit-020-psoc-cy8c28-family-processor-module-kit) and the chips are still being produced.


      So, how is one supposed to use them?


      How is one supposed to program them if PSoC Creator no longer supports the CY8C28 family (the module is not in the Target hardware list and the chips are not in the Target device list)?


      PSoC Designer can't be used because Adobe SVG Viewer isn't supported nor available for download on its site and as I have Windows 10, an old Win98 or XP version may not work anyway.


      Can Cypress please clarify?