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    Putting PSoC on PCB


      I'm at the point where I need to put the PSoC on a PCB board now.  




      I was thinking of trying to make it as simple as possible for myself since this is only the prototype, by using the "CY8CKIT-010 PSoC® CY8C58LP Family Processor Module Kit" That comes with the dev board and supplying pin receptacles and power and calling it a day.  The fact that cypress supplies the gerbers makes it very tempting.


      This would also double as a base board for other PSoC modules as well.  




      Is this an ok way to approach this?  I don't see any immediate issues, and this would allow me to use all of the pins since I need more than the CYKIT-001 dev board supplies.  I just don't want to msis anything.  


      Also this is only the 4th pcb I've made so far, so if I am being naive that's why.





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          Can you please point us the application . As per my understanding you are just making the module. Are you using this module alone or with any base board? The module doesn't have the voltage regulator, USB port etc.If you application requires only this you can use that board.





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            Hi scarlson


            consider using the proto.-kit 059 with .1" sockets on your base board. This might make it even easier (and cheaper).
            In case you feel for some training in steady hands during soldering you also can use the TQFP package of 5LP.
            Even though it might look a bit complicated, it is not that difficult. In the Datasheet page 9 & 10 you can find a example for power supplies.


            All the Best