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    CYUSB2014 Boot EEPROM Question



      We would like to use the I2C EEPROM option to boot the FX3.   I believe our code would fit in 1 24LC1025 Microchip EEPROM but I will use 2 just in case.  Now if I am only using 2 do I place them in the 0x00000-0x1FFFF and 0x20000-0x2FFFF range tying A1 to a 0 and A0 to a 0 and 1 respectively as per page 16 of the AN76405 APP Note.


      Or do I place the 2 EEPROMs in the upper range 0x40000-0x5FFFF and 0x60000-0x7FFFF?


      Thank you