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    Buffering VDAC outputs?


      Hi Guys,


      I'm trying to drive a Pololu JRK motor controller, but I think the VDAC's on the PSoC 5LP Kit does not supply enough current to do so.

      I get a perfect reading off my VDAC with an Oscilloscope before I connect the JRK Controller, but the voltage will not drop below 1.9V after connecting it. The JRK works fine directly from a Potentiometer.

      I want to put an op-amp in between the PSoC and the controller to buffer this, but I want to lose as little resolution and keep as much accuracy in the output as possible.


      I need a DIL package so I can strip-board with.

      I'm struggling to find a Op-Amp that ticks all the boxes, and I don't want to order some only to find out they're not suitable a few weeks before the deadline for my project when they arrive. :(

      I don't have any experience using a buffer like this, so am unsure where to turn.

      Any help is much appreciated :)