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    how to read hid characteristics



      I am using CY5672 BLE remote,when i am using usb dongle in the kit and trying to read hid mic data it is able to read.


      when i connected to my own BLE usb dongle remote is getting connected and able to read the device information,but when i am trying to read hid characteristics it is giving an error 0xf (encryption error).So,can you please help me how to read the hid characteristics.





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          Hi Srikanth,


          In the remote control design, we have set the security as unauthenticated pairing with encryption.


          So the central which is connected to the remote should start a pairing process and have to encrypt the link, other wise it will report an encryption error while trying to read any HID characteristics data.


          Make sure that the central (the USB dongle which you are using) is sending pairing request.