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    Load Registry Values from a text file to FX3



      We are developing a custom camera with FX3 and have successfully gotten the hardware to work in some of the allowed video resolutions after following the UVC example (AN75779). We need to write to the sensor registers every time we want to change camera resolution. Currently we have hard-coded each register, and its actual value for each resolution that is supported. Can we not read these register addresses and values from a text (.ini) file? If possible, can anyone kindly give me some ideas on how to go about it?


      Since I am new to this forum, this might be a repeat question. If so, kindly just point out the earlier thread that has the answer. I did a simple search and could not find the answer.


      Thanks in advance for your help and suggestions.

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          Yes That can be implemented. 


          The cypress control Center has an option of sending a file (txt file or any other file)  over USB Endpoint to FX3.


          In your UVC Application you can enable the DEBUG_INTERFACE macro and send the text file over OUT Endpoint 4. A DMA Callback will be triggered in the firmware, in which you can read the values and in turn write these to the firmware.


          For any assistance on modification of the firmware accordingly, please contact Cypress Tech Support. If you want to build a host application to send the INI file to FX3, you can refer the source code of the control center.




          - Madhu Sudhan

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            Hi Madhu Sudhan


            Thanks for the quick response. Please see attached configuration visible on my device when I connect onto Control Center. Is it possible to do what you have described with this config?

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              In the attached image, I see the FX3 Bootloader. It means no firmware is currently running on the device. It is only the boorloader which is used to load a firmware into the device.


              You have not yet loaded the proper firmware. The firmware is availble along with AN7779 application note. And then you need to make custom changes to the firmware to implement your requirement.




              - Madhu Sudhan


              -Madhu Sudhan

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                Hi Madhu Sudhan,


                The reason I gave the screenshot of the Control Center is because my device doesn't show BULKOUT and BULKIN endpoints under the BootLoader Device Tree as is normally visible when using the FX3 kit. So the question was if my device is done completely, or have we missed some connections to enable debugging and loading through the debug interface.